Finals - NDT 2012 Northwestern BK v Georgetown AM - Ryan Beiermeiste

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April 3, 2012 - 6:14pm


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Final Round of the 2012 National Debate Tournament. The Copeland winners Ryan Beiermeister and Layne Kirshon (who also won 1st and 2nd speakers, respectively) break a new aff against the number 2 ranked first-round at large team from Georgetown Andrew Arsht and Andrew Markoff. Amazingly, three of these debaters, Layne and the team from Georgetown are only sophomores. The 1NC is 6 off - T, a Libya counterplan, a study/appraisal type counterplan, a Jackson-Vanik politics disad, the death cult k, and a risk/complexity k about scenario planning, along with case defense and case turns. After an excellent debate, Georgetown wins on a very close 3-2 decision.

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