Finals NDT 2011 Northwestern FS v Emory IW - 1AR

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April 5, 2011 - 10:48pm


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This match up has a ton of history. 3 of these debaters faced off in the finals of the TOC in 2007. GBN FS (NU) won the toc that year as well as NFL nationals and CFL nationals. Stephen Weil, a former TOC winner himself won top speaker at the 2007 TOC. At the 2006 TOC, Matt Fisher won top speaker. Stephanie Spies of Northwestern won top speaker at the NDT this was filmed at. The year prior, Stephen Weil won top speaker. Emory IW won the Copeland award for having the best record prior to the NDT this year. They also won the Copeland award the year prior, the same year Northwestern FS were in the finals of the NDT against MSU LW. The year before that, Matt Fisher won the Copeland with John Warden. All of these debaters are some of the best of our generation. Congrats to all involved on great careers. Northwestern FS Matt Fisher Stephanie Spies affirms against Emory IW Ovais Inamullah Stephen Weil. Northwestern won this round to become the 2011 NDT champions.

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